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We have focused on semiconductor measuring equipment and semiconductor equipment,

and we will make efforts to create the best value with the best products through continuous research and development and quality improvement.


NEO-SEMITEC tries to pioneer the battery market by establishing the new business department for the battery in 2020.

It is for opening up the new market and completing the new technology trend through the new technology in the battery industry which is considered as a core industry of the upcoming future.

Our Solution

  • One-stop system

    One-stop system

    We provide the one-stop system by conducting the production, performance evaluation, and certification for the battery at once.

  • Smart Grid

    Smart Grid

    We lead the innovation with our ICT-based products which are developed by combining the cutting edge information and communication industry and the energy industry.

  • Expand Production Facilities

    Expand Production Facilities

    We promise the stable supply system by expanding our manufacturing factory, production facilities, and test equipment continuously to meet our customer’s demand.

  • Customization


    We provide the customized product based on our self-development for the BMS of the battery and our know-how for the design and manufacturing technology.

  • Global Market Advancement

    Global Market Advancement

    We try to move forward to the global market by securing the international competitiveness through the development of the battery pack for export and the international standard certification.

  • Business Growth

    Business Growth

    We make a better future by opening up the new battery market, developing the new one which did not exist before, and creating the smart design which keeps up with the trend.

  • Cause

    The regulation on the environmental pollution gets reinforced even more in worldwide. Accordingly, it is expected that the effort to supply the eco-friendly energy would be increased more and more.

    Therefore, the technical development is being conducted actively to lead the core technology for the energy storage system which utilize the secondary cell, the heart of eco-friendly energy. Currently, the technical development is on the considerably advanced stage.

    But, we still have a task to be resolved in the technical development to improve the battery stability relating to the energy efficiency and the safety.

  • Process

    The energy storage technology needed in future would be the Smart Intelligent Battery which is combined with the cutting edge information and communication technology.

    It would bring out more convenient and happier future to develop the product which has the best quality, stability, and reliability.

  • Result

    In NEO-SEMITECH, it is possible to customize the rechargeable battery according to the customer’s needs.

    The customized development and the mass-production are available by using lithium iron phosphate, lithium-ion, and lithium polymer cell. It is also possible to add the IoT system which can transmit the battery information to the user in real-time.

    With the transmitted data to the smart application, the user can check information such as the residual amount of battery, the number of charging/discharging, the battery malfuction, and the cell diagnosis. It ensures that the customer can use the battery conveniently and safely.