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NEO-Q is a NEO-SEMITECH’s battery brand which symbolizes the innovation and challenge in the battery industry.

Our battery technology guarantees the high economical feasibility and reliability based on its long life, stability, and excellence by covering a wide range of batteries such as a lithium iron phosphate battery, a lithium-ion battery, and a lithium polymer battery.

We mass produce the appropriate product for the specification and size which are requested by our customer through the customization prodecure. NEO-Q can be utilized for the electric power, commerce, and communication, so it would be with your daily life from your home to the industrial field.


NEO-Q Mobility Battery

Maximize the performance of the portable mobility equipment based on its long life and stability.



NEO-Q Powerbank Battery

Ensure the long life and stability for using the electronic device in outdoors without any disturbance.



NEO-Q Solar Battery

Since our technology for the lithium iron phosphate battery is highly economical and reliable, it can bring out the maximized benefit to your home or company by minimizing the loss in the solar power energy storage.



NEO-Q ENG Battery

Make it sure to take continuous and stable shots in wireless environment by providing the monitoring application for the state information of NEO-Q ENG Battery.