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Neo-semitech's products will help maintain optimal production conditions,

which will reduce the loss rate due to equipment errors and increase productivity to make the best production activities for companies.



Multipurpose monitoring equipment with compact and light design allowing maximum 40 channels assures stable operation by measuring diverse data of installation in terms of temperature, vibration, voltage and number of revolutions.
- Realtime transmission to manager via wire/wireless communication

Front Panel

- Compact Size

- Light Weight

- 7”Display

Back Plate

- Digital 20ch,

- Analog 20ch

- Total 40ch

- Wire & Wireless

- Communication

- Multi Purpose

- Sensing

- Flexible

- Compatibility

 vibration monitoring equipment manufacturer
  • SMST Definition

    Monitoring the condition of the equipment by abbreviation of the Smart Multi Sensing Technology

  • SMST-8400 Purpose

    Check the abnormalities of the equipment and prevent it in advance.

SMST-8400 Measuring Instrument spec.

Size(mm) 180*120*70 (WxDxH)
Operating Voltage DC 24V
Operating Current Without Sensor 1,000mA Max
With Sensor 1,000mA Max
Display 7” Touch screen
Sensor Type Temp, UV, ACC, RPM, Ion, PLC, Ext
Number of channels Digital: 20ch Analog: 20ch
OS Window
Protocol Json

Wireless IoT Sensor & Module

semiconductor measuring equipment

SMST-8400 Function & Effect

Use data collected through various sensors to reduce deviations between equipment to improve production quality.

Alarm can be sent through advance detection of abnormal conditions of the equipment, and actions can be taken before system failure or defect occurs.

Real Time Data Resource System

Connected management of other systems (MES, FDC, SPC) to improve product quality

Customer Quality Satisfaction, Manufacturing Competitiveness

Depending on the communication environment, wired and wireless communication can used


Analog Digital Converter

It maximizes production efficiency by collecting, analyzing and optimizing information based on sensors, and secures thefield data related to reliability including performance, life and failure rate of equipment.

Analog Digital Converter Pin-Map
monitoring equipment manufacturer

ADC Measuring Instrument spec.

Size(mm) 27(W)*27(D)*12(H)
Resolution 16BIT
Supply Range 5.0V
Low Current Consumption Continuous Mode Only lSOμA
Single-Shot Mode Auto Shut-Down
Programmable Data Rate 8SPS to 860SPS
Internal Low-Drift Voltage Reference
Internal Oscillator
Programmable Comparator
Analog Digital Converter

Smart factory core technology is a technology that optimizes the information collected and accumulatedthrough sensors or simplifies the production schedule.

Integrated data system that collects and analyzes data from different types of sensors

Smart factory system that improves manufacturing process efficiency by predicting equipment failure in advance

Obtain field data on the reliability and reliability of equipment performance, lifespan, failure rate, etc.



It inspects and measures performance of Ion Blower to remove static electricity occurring during semiconductor production, and the small size allows unrestricted measure points and simultaneous measurement of temperature and humidity.

  • Decay Time Definition

    Voltage applied to measure attenuation time up to 90%

  • Decay Time Purpose

    Check the performance of the ion blower to remove static electricity quickly

Expectancy Effects

  • monitoring equipment manufacturer

    Resolve the hassle of a person’s own measuremen

  • monitoring equipment manufacturer

    Easy to install at every major point because of its small size

  • monitoring equipment manufacturer

    Prevent Quality Losses by ESD

  •  vibration monitoring equipment manufacturer

    Improve customer satisfaction(reliability) by improving ESD management

Ion Decay Time Measuring Instrument spec

Size(mm) 140(W) × 2(D) × 40(H)
Controller & Plate lntergral form
Operating Voltage DC 5V
Time Range 0~99.9 Sec
Charging Voltage Start : ±1,000 ~ 3,000 V
Stop : ± Start Voltage의 90% Clear point in time
Event, Schedule Can be set based on user criteria
Calibration Always-on calibration and zero adjustment
with calibrated reference instruments
Communication USB / RS-485

Wireless IoT Sensor & Module

 vibration monitoring equipment manufacturer
Differention Form Commercial Products

Real time Automatic measurement possible

Compact size & Light Weight

All-in-one type(Plate&controller)

Temp, Hum simultaneously measurement